TEGSS is dedicated to design, develop and implement a nuclear safety system that will provide power during an accidient scenario. A reactor's stored thermal energy is used as a power source. 


Nuclear safety has become a key topic related to public welfare due to the recent radiological release in Japan.


The main benefit of the TEGSS (Thermoelectric Generator Safety System) is that it provides an independent power source to the facility as long as there is heat within the reactor.


This system will provide an additional level of defence at nuclear facilities to ensure that their vital safety functions remain operational over a sufficient period of time.



Jan 2018: Acquired funding for new thermoelectric generator waste heat recovery systems in USA and Canada.


Dec 2016: Published paper on Evaluation and Optimization of Thermoelectric Generator Network. See Publications page.


Sept 2016: Article published in Nuclear Engineering International Magazine and Nuclear Power Research View (NPRV). See Publications page.


Dec 2015: PCT patent examiner states the system is considered to be Novel, Inventive and Industrially Applicable.


Nov 2015: Agreement signed with XJTU University in China for coordinated research and development.


Sept. 2015: Filed for USA patent 14/847,465 and PCT/CA2015-050949 patent. 


May 2015: Research and development initiated with UOIT University in Oshawa Canada  


Sept. 2014: Filed for USA provisional patent 62/054,577 patent for the system under development. 


To protect the health and safety of the public and the environment by increasing reliability of nuclear generating stations.

TEGSS. Nuclear Cooling Solutions Inc.

Thermoelectric Generator Safety System and Waste Heat Systems